One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack

One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack – Rainbow Gems and Berries Cheats 2019

One Piece Treasure Cruise is an RPG based online game where you will be taken to an amazing journey across the high seas. You need to build a strong army force and try to become the King of Pirates. In this game, you will come across innumerable characters, with various levels of skills. Each character has their unique personality and abilities to defeat opponents. So, you need to pick them carefully and generate a lot of resources with our One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack for building a powerful team.

Some Of The Important Features Of One Piece Treasure Cruise Game:

One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack 2018

  • The fast paced RPG combat will let you attack quickly and efficiently.
  • You can switch characters during battles as per your preferences.
  • The graphics of the game are excellent and the soundtrack will keep you engrossed in the game.
  • You will come across innumerable unique characters and maps, which will keep you busy.
  • It is a one piece storyline that keeps progressing as you unlock new levels or chapters in the game.
  • This game is now compatible with our One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack.


You will come across numerous events in the game that will keep you active as well as enable you to earn in-game currencies.

Daily Events:

Every day you will get a different event to fulfill. For instance, on Monday you will come across Rush of Black Turtles quest and on Tuesday you will get Sea Pony Paradise quest. By completing each quest, you can earn specific amount of Rainbow Gems, Experience Points, etc. However they can also be generated with One Piece Treasure Cheats. On Wednesday, you will come across two different quests – the Penguin Beach and Penguin Long Beach quest. The islands that you can visit on Wednesday are Half Stamina Island and Drop Rate x2 Island.

Other Events:


The other in-game events do not take place in the Extra Isle. These events may occur several times in the game. So, they may be active or inactive. To check their status, you need to visit their page and verify them. Some of these events are mentioned below:

  • Transponder Snail: Every day you will be able to find five Transponder Snails scattered in the island navigation map. If you agree to play the quest, your location in the game will be tweeted to all twitter followers. Upon completion of the quest, you will be rewarded with any one of these items – Meat, Cola, Beli, 5 Gems, or Elder Turtles.
  • Pirates In Bloom: This is a special Rare Recruit Rate Up Event in which you have higher chances to recruit Special Straw Hat in Bloom forms as exclusive characters. This event lasts only for one week, so you need to keep a check on the next event dates.
  • Restaurant Le Crap: It is a special event that comes out periodically on Extra Isle. During this event, you can farm Cola and Cotton Candies. Moreover, Beli bags are also dropped frequently. It is a limited time period event, which can be played only during specific dates. Until now, the event has been released in several variants, with numerous stamina costs and names.


There are various types of missions available in the game. These missions are broadly classified into five categories. Each of these missions involves various sub-missions. You will have to use numerous strategies for completing these missions and earning game currencies.

  • Syrup Village: Some sub-missions are The Liar’s Early Morning, Pincer Power, Ready, Aim, Fire, Unexpected Encounter, etc.
  • Shells Town: Some sub-missions are Death of a Thousand Hits, Slasher Upset, Cola Junkie, Yesterday’s Enemy is Today’s Friend, etc.
  • Orange Town: Some sub-missions are The Rainbow Elites, Onrush of Treasure, Strike Hard, Intelligent Combo Attack, etc.
  • Alvida’s Hideout: Some sub-missions are Thieves Shadows, Red-Dyed Slot, Alvida’s Booty, Ultimate Damage, etc.
  • Fushia Village: Some sub-missions are The True Master, Luffy’s STR Crew, Get Revenge, Beat up Higuma, etc.

Strategies That You Must Follow For Enhancing Your Game:

  • Leveling up Characters: In between each level of the game, you can level up the characters by sacrificing unwanted ones and using the maximum leveled crew members. This will let you make your team stronger. However, it is tough to have a crew filled with super rare characters as you will require loads of in-game currencies to buy them. So, buy characters after researching well on them.
  • In-game Currencies: Gems and Beli are the two in-game currencies of One Piece Treasure Cruise game. Gems are the main currency of the game and Beli are the premium currency of the game. Both of them can be acquired by using One Piece Treasure Hack. With loads of Gems, you can upgrade your ships and buy several resources. Beli is used for upgrading your characters. A powerful character will require more amount of Beli to power them, so select your members accordingly.
  • Extra Crew Members: Do not save extra crew members since your character box can initially hold only 20 members. It is better to select your favorite characters and sacrifice the rest of them, whom you are not planning to use. By selling extra characters, you can earn Beli. However, if you do not want to sell them then you can spend a Rainbow Gem and increase your character box by 5 slots. And don’t worry you can have as much Rainbow Gems as you want with our One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack.


  • Dinghy is the first ship that was used by Luffy, when he set off from Fushia Village. However, the ship wrecked after an encounter with a giant whirlpool.
  • Merry Go is the Straw Hat Pirate’s vessel, which is also known as a Caravel. This ship was a gift from Kaya in Syrup Village and is captained by Luffy.
  • Navy Ship is a part of the Navy’s fleet. Some of these ships have been customized with special weaponry, which highly depends on the commander who is captaining them.
  • Coffin Boat is a small sized boat, which resembles a large coffin. It is used by Hawk Eyes Mihawk. Some of its distinctive features include cross shaped mast and pitch-black body.
  • Going Merry Flying Model is a Straw Hat Pirate’s vessel, which is captained by Luffy. The boat has wings and a cockscomb at Jaya so that it can reach the Sky Islands easily.
  • Moby Dick is the main ship of the Whitebeard Pirates. It has a huge bow, which was especially crafted to resemble a whale. It was captained by Edward Newgate and was destroyed when Akainu attacked it.

Check Out These Tips That Will Enhance Your Gameplay:

  • When you clear various quests, you will receive titles such as Pirate Hunter and Straw Hat.
  • Clear adventures to expand your friend list and earn Rainbow Gems.
  • Use One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack for unlimited Rainbow Gems.
  • To boost your stats in the battle, invite your friends to help you in a quest. When they agree, you will be able to use their ability too.
  • To chain your attacks, you should tap a new character at the right time as soon as the attacking character finishes their move.
  • The tap timing is graded by ranks. So, try to keep your timing Great or Perfect, in order to boost your attack power.
  • Play carefully as damage is not dealt with individual characters, but to the crew as a whole.
  • The game is not recommended for younger generation as it has plenty of violence and explicit language.
  • You can upgrade your ships by spending Cola. Upgrading the ship will improve its mobility and enhance your gameplay.

Overall, One Piece Treasure Cruise is an entertaining online game. The game is loaded with an interesting story and an active battling system, which will keep you hooked to your screens. So, go for it and also don’t forget this awesome One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack!

One Piece Treasure Cruise Hack